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New Balance 1260 v3 Running Shoe

New Balance 1260 v3 Running Shoe

Posted by Sabrina on March 7, 2013

Hello Everyone my name is Alex Harvey, I’m from and today I’m going to talk about the men’s and women’s 1260 v3. The New Balance 1260v3 has now replaced the 1260v2, its in the stability category so those of you that don’t know what a stability is. It’s a dual support system in the mid-foot.

This is a much denser foam that in the past models you could see a grey strip on the inner part of the shoe. This year they blended it in with the color to make it more appealing visually. What it does is as your foot wants to collapse to the inside (pronating), it neutralizes the foot. If you have a flatter foot and you find yourself pronating, the 1260 V3 would be a really good option for you. This model is a mid-level support, so if you are a mild-pronator, the 860 V3 could be a better shoe for you. Some of the benefits of this model is it has the N2 high end cushioning system, which is a nitrogen injected foam. They also added an Abzorb crash pad to the forefoot and that will give you extra durability and longevity. They also added a partial no-sew upper, which will make the shoe hug the foot really nicely.

For those of you who are looking for a really high end stability shoe, that’s going to enable you to do some high kilometers, but is also good for beginners, the 1260 V3 is in the elite category of stability. They come in men’s and women’s and in multiple widths. Coming July 2013.

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