New Balance 623

Alex talks about the New Balance 623, a popular everyday cross training / walking shoe.

Hi everyone, my name is Alex Harvey. I'm from New Balance Vancouver, and today I'm going to talk about the mens' and womens' 623 cross trainer.

The 623 cross trainer is obviously in the athletic category, so it's going to provide a tremendous amount of lateral support for those people looking to do anything in the gym.

What we do get is a lot of our customers wear it for an everyday shoe. Some of the reasons for that are because it comes in a variety of different widths, anything from a narrow to a really wide, and it comes in a variety of different colours.

The 623 series is a leather upper, which is going to help you against the weather conditions if you're using it as an everyday, but it also accommodates the orthotic really nicely. So those people looking to put any type of an insole or custom orthotic into the 623, it's definitely going to fit and it's going to accommodate it really nicely.

If we take a look at the cushioning system, it has the nice Abzorb, so anyone doing impact or long walking, you're going to really feel the absorption.

It also has a non-marking sole, so for those people doing any type of indoor gym, it's not going to mark on you, so you don't need to worry about that.

The 620 series has been in the history of New Balance for quite a while, and it's going to continue to do really well and be extremely successful. I highly recommend it; come check it out.

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