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New Balance 840 Review

New Balance 840 Review

Posted by Sabrina on September 21, 2011

Here’s Alex’s take on the New Balance 840, the replacement for the New Balance 883.

Hi everyone, my name is Alex Harvey. I’m from, and today I’m going to talk about the Mens’ and Womens’ 840 runner.

The 840 runner is a fantastic shoe for those people looking for a good amount of width in the forefoot, those people looking to accommodate an orthotic, or those people that have sensitivity in the forefoot (whether it’s arthritis or sensitivity in the bunion area). The upper of the shoe is a full mesh, which is going to keep the lightness and breathability, but not be as restrictive. Also, if you take a look, it’s actually designed to not be restricting if you do have sensitivity in the bunion area.

If you go down to the sole itself, the sole is made of what’s called Abzorb FL, which is a full-length cushioning system in the shoe. So those people doing lots of walking or high-impact training, you’re going to feel a ton of absorption.

The shoe is also built on what’s called an SL-2 last. The SL-2 last is going to provide a great amount of width in the front, and it’s going to narrow off in the back. So you’re not actually going to experience any type of slipping from the heel.

It’s a tremendous shoe; it comes in a variety of different widths. It’s probably the most highly recommended podiatrist’s shoe in the running category. I highly recommend you come check it out. Thanks.

3 Responses to New Balance 840 Review

  1. Anglo Quebecker says:

    Lemme know if you actually post that ;)

    • Nathan says:

      Will do :) It’s funny; when I was shooting that video, I was kind of amused about how Alex was SO excited about that shoe (when he himself wears 1080s). Even off-camera he was going on about it a lot.

      The reason he likes that shoe so much is because of the SL-2 last – it’s got a lot of width in the forefoot. He’s seen a lot of customers come in with neuroma, bunions, and foot pain to the point that they’ve had to give up running – but the 840 and previous 883 have solved this problem for them. It’s also helped quite a few of our older customers stay active and healthy into their later years.

      That said, I will fully admit that he gets REALLY excited about the shoes that he likes the most… trust me, I work with him every day.

  2. Anglo Quebecker says:

    Hmm, sounds like a really detached, objective review….

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