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Shoe Replacement Chart

Shoe Replacement Chart

Posted by Sabrina on May 28, 2012

One of the questions that people ask us the most is something along the lines of “I have the New Balance 882… what’s the new version called?” Admittedly, New Balance’s naming scheme is a bit confusing, which is why they’re moving toward a system where shoe names no longer change. Instead, updates to New Balance shoes will be named by version – as with the New Balance 1080 Version 2. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of current New Balance shoes that we carry, followed by their predecessors, going back as far as 12 models. Just hit “CTRL-F” to search for the shoe you’re wearing, and follow it to the left to find the current name and model.

Current shoe               Replaced shoe


New Balance 587   >  586

New Balance 840v3  > 840v2 >  840v1  >  883 > 882 > 881 > 880 > 879 > 878 > 877

New Balance 860v6 > 860v5 > 860v4 > 860v3 >  860v2  >  860 > 760 > 769 > 768 > 767 > 766 > 765 > 764 > 763 > 762 > 761

New Balance 870v4870v3  >  870v2  >  870 > 740

New Balance 880v5 > 880v4 > 880v3  >  880v2  >  880v1 >  759 > 758 > 757 > 755 > 754 > 753

New Balance 890v5890v4  >  890v3  >  890v2   >  890v1

New Balance 940v2  >  940v1 > 850 > 859 > 858 > 857 > 856 > 855 > 854 > 853 > 852 > 851

New Balance 980v2980

New Balance 990   >  993 > 992 > 991 > 990 > 999

New Balance 1080v61080v51080v4  >  1080v3  >  1080v2  >  1080v1 > 1064 > 1063 > 1062 > 1061

New Balance 1260v51260v41260v3  >  1260v2  >  1260v1 > 1226 > 1225 > 1224 > 1223 > 1222 > 1221 > 1210 > 1200

New Balance 1400v3 > 1400v2

New Balance 1500v2 > 1500v1

New Balance 1540v21540   >  1123 > 1122 > 1121 > 1120

New Balance Zante v2 > Zante v1


New Balance Minimus Trail v3 > t10v2  >  t10v1

New Balance 759    >  646 > 645 > 644 > 643

New Balance 759    >  780  >  749 > 748 > 747 > 746 > 745 > 744 > 743 > 742 > 741

New Balance 810v3  >  810v2  >  810v1  >  814 > 813 > 812 > 811 > 810 > 809 > 808 > 807 > 806 > 805 > 804 > 803 > 802 > 801

New Balance 876   >  875 > 874 > 873 > 872 > 871 > 870

New Balance 910v2 Gore-Tex > 910v1 Gore-Tex

New Balance 1069 > 956 > 955

New Balance 968 >  > 967 > 966 > 965 > 964 > 963 > 962 > 961


New Balance 14001569  >  978  >  977 > 976 > 975 > 974 > 973 > 971


New Balance 656   >  655 > 654 > 653 > 652 > 648

New Balance 806  >  804  >  803 > 802 > 801 > 800

Cross Training

New Balance 608v3   >  608v2 > 608 > 607

New Balance 623v2  > 623v1  > 622 > 621 > 620 > 609 > 608 > 607 > 606 > 602

New Balance 857  >  856  >  855 > 854 > 853 > 852 > 851

New Balance 1012   >  1011 > 1010 > 1009 > 1008 > 1007

New Balance 797v3  >  797v2  >  797v1

New Balance 997v2  >  997v1

New Balance Minimus 20v5 > X20v4


New Balance 577   >  576 > 575 > 574 > 573

New Balance 812   >  811 > 810

New Balance 847v2847   > 846 >  845 > 844 > 843 > 842 > 841 > 840

New Balance 928v2 > 928 >  927 > 926 > 925

379 Responses to Shoe Replacement Chart

  1. greg says:

    Hi, thanks for this site and your hard work. i I have been wearing 847v2 and was in hopes to find and running shoe with similar features? any ideas? or good outdoor shoe? Also I have worn NB for 20 years and after 4 months the inside at back of shoe lining wears a hole in the lining, is there anything i could do to prevent this or is there a better shoe?

  2. michael kersten says:

    i am a basketball official. i have worn the new balance 600 cross trainer the last 7 years. they are extremely comfortable. what is there replacement as i don’t see it on this list? thank you

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Michael,

      The NB 609 would be the direct replacement, however, the 623 is another pair you can take a look at as it is very similar.

      Thanks, Ritchie

  3. Tim Tress says:

    What would be a good replacement for New Balance 609? I need to buy for my mother-in-law in wide.

    Thank you

  4. John Smythe says:

    Firstly, thanks for setting up this replacement chart. It is incredibly confusing the way the models keep changing without clarity. Secondly, it is incredible that you have been answering questions on this page for years. New Balance should cut you guys a cheque.

    On to my question – NB appear to have upended their naming conventions completely by adding the “Vazee” line. Is this a completely new line or will this replace the existing numbering you think? I just want my 883s back!

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi John,

      Thank you for the feedback. I believe the Vazee is just a one off and New Balance will continue with its series numbering system. As for the 883, have you tried the updated 840? The 840v3 is made with the SL-2 Last which features a narrow heel, deep in-step, and wide forefoot. Hopefully this helps you!

      Thanks, Ritchie

  5. David says:

    I like the 750v2 shoe. I can’t find it in my size online anymore. Is there a 750v3 or 750v4, and is it basically the same shoe as the 750v2?


    • Sabrina says:

      Hi David,

      It looks like New Balance discontinued the 750 model, however, I would say that the 880 is a comparable model. The drop is about the same and both are neutral cushion.

      Thanks, Ritchie

  6. Jani says:

    Can you tell me what shoe replaced the women’s 600, or what would be the closest replacement be? Thank you.

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Jani,

      If you were looking for a replacement to the New Balance 600 trainers, the 623 or 608 would both work at a direct replacement to the 600

      Thanks, Ritchie

  7. Julie says:

    I normally wear a NB 750 and have for years. Could you tell me something that would compare to these.

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Julie,

      I would recommend trying the NB 880, which is a neutral runner with a comparable drop to the 750.

      Thanks, Ritchie

  8. Kirgan says:

    I’ve been wearing the M587 for years… and it looks like it’s been discontinued. =(
    It was just about the perfect shoe for me. Do you have any recommendations on a good alternative?

    Thanks! =)

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Kirgan,

      The M1540 shares a lot of the same features as the M587 and has fitted great so far. Both shoes comes with the Roll Bar and the SL-2 last which should make them identical in terms of fit.

      Thanks, Ritchie

  9. Sabrina says:

    Hi Patti,

    The NB 501 would be a comparable replacement to the NB 554 as they have a similar fitting last.


  10. Sabrina says:

    Hi Kai,

    It doesn’t look like there’s a direct replacement to the NB 550. If you were looking for a running shoe with more of a thin/low mid-sole, I would recommend taking a look at the NB 1400 or the NB Zante.

  11. Susan says:

    I’m looking to replace my MR749s. These are a performance running shoe. However, I see in your replacement chart that they are listed under “Outdoor” shoes. What would the closest model be to the MR749s in your running shoes section? Thanks!

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Susan,

      So it looks like the MR749 are a stability running shoe and so comparable models with the similar support would be the NB 860 and NB 1260.


  12. Ally says:

    Do you know what replaced the women’s 476?

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Ally,

      Looks like nothing directly replaces the NB 476, however, the NB 610 is a comparable model. The NB 610 offers good traction and sufficient cushioning.


  13. Mary says:

    I would be so grateful to learn if there is a replacement for womens’ 400 shoe.
    Mine are D width. Thank you!

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Mary,

      Unfortunately there is not a replacement to the NB 400. However the NB 890 would be a super similar model as it is our light weight runner and it also comes in a D width.


  14. VIVIAN Quinlan says:

    do you still manufacture the 812 model?

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Vivian,

      The NB 812 have been replaced with the NB 813. You may be able to find old stock online or at other stores but new balance no longer manufactures the NB 812.


  15. Steph says:

    Hi, can you tell me the replacement for New Balance w480v4 women’s. Many thanks

  16. Samantha says:

    My husband wants his NB 730s again. I can’t find them, or what replaced them…any help would be MUCH appreciated! :)

    Thank you!

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Samantha,

      Unfortunately the 730 has been completely discontinued and New Balance didn’t release anything to replace them. The Minimus Cross Training v4 would be the most similar option.


      • Samantha says:

        Thank you for responding! I appreciate the help!

        The pair he had before those were the 860’s which seem to still be in production. We’ll most likely go that route, if I can find a good deal. :)

  17. Sabrina says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for the good feedback! The 498 does not appear to be available now and they do not have a very similar update. The closest thing would be the 587, but they are a bit more of an aggressive motion control shoe.


  18. Terri says:

    What is a good replacement shoe for the WE861. I am unable to find this shoe in my size anywhere and it seems to be discontinued.

  19. Ana says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for a very helpful chart!
    I have a client that owned the NB 627 shoe and cannot find them anymore. I looked online and the only 627 shoe I can find is steel toe. The client says that the shoe he had was not steel toe but the number on it is 627.
    If you have any insight on this mystery that would be greatly appreciated.

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Ana,

      I apologize for the delayed response. I was unable to find any info about the fit of the older 627, but it looks like the 627 shoe that you have was an older walking shoe model. Unfortunately they do not have an updated replacement. Sorry about that!


  20. Jim says:

    Thanks so much for your helpful site.! I have had 4 pairs of 1190s that I train & race in. Now they are closed out & I can’t find my size (10 1/2). Very frustrating that I cannot find a replacement either unless I am missing it? What shoe do you think is nearest to replacing it?

  21. Denise says:

    Which woman’s walking shoe (or possibly a runner suitable for walking) has the most forefront cushioning? It must accommodate orthotics, as I have bunions and metatarsalgia.

  22. Barb says:

    I’ve looked through all the posts, but didn’t see anything related to the W1140sb1. Any idea if there is a replacement for that shoe?

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Barb,

      Unfortunately there is not a replacement for the W1140SB1, but we have a very similar shoe. The 840v2 would fit very similar and feel very similar in the cushioning.


  23. Sam says:

    I couldn’t find a listing on this site for the New Balance 770 V3. What is the name of their current upgrade?
    Thank you.

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Sam,

      We do not carry the 770 series, but I checked with our manufacturers and it looks like they are on to the 770v4. If you cannot find anywhere to order them, the 890v4 would be a similar option.


  24. Charlie says:

    I had polio as a child and have slightly deformed feet. The 927 was one of the few shoes I have been able to find that allowed me to walk long distances without discomfort. The 927 was replaced by the 928, however the 928 does not have the extra-large toe box of the 927. Is there another shoe available that would have the large toe box of the 927? Thanks for your help.


    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Charlie,

      To be honest, the 928 was built to be the same as the 927 in terms of fit. I’m not sure if you have tried them or not, but they are one of our top sellers and I have never had a customer say that the toe box isn’t big enough. None of our other shoes will have a larger toe box than the 928. Is there any way for you to come into a store so we can put you through the fit process? It could be possible that you might just have to adjust your size with the new model.


  25. Alan Andrews says:

    I loved your 475 All Terrain shoe. Is there a replacement for this? Cannot find them anywhere in a size 12.

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Alan,

      Unfortunately the 475 was discontinued and there is no replacement for it. I cannot find very much information on the last that they are built on or anything, so your best bet would be to come into a store and we can put you through the fit process and find something that would work.


  26. Dar says:

    I have an old pair of women’s 474 and I love them. The most comfortable shoe I have ever owned. What is comparable?

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Dar,

      There are two different New Balance shoes that were called the 474. If you look inside the tongue, what is the code that is on there? Neither one of them have replacements, but I can definitely try to find you something similar once I know which on you are referring to.


  27. Nora says:

    Can you please tell me what shoe replaced the New Balance women’s 749. Thanks.

  28. Jason says:

    Hi Guys,
    I am impressed by the many helpful comments I’ve read through and I too have a question about a shoe. Please pardon my lack of knowledge on the subject. I, like many others apparently, have fallen in love with with a particular shoe and need to purchase new ones ASAP. I purchased the 552’s as they were marketed as a walking shoe, but of course I have come to find out that they are a cross trainer. In any event, I walked 5 miles daily in them and I loved them. I liked their feel, fit, and breathability. Is there a replacement for the 552 or what might you recommend in its stead? Thanks so much!

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Jason,

      Unfortunately the 552’s do not have a replacement. I was able to find some info on them and the closest shoe we would have is the 1012 cross trainer. They are built on the same last, so they will fit the same and have similar cushioning and support.


  29. Regan Poynter says:

    Can you tell me what replaced the women’s running shoe 801? It says 801 MFSR on the inside of the shoe. It is not a trail runner. It was touted as a “chi runner” (forefoot strike). Thanks!


  30. Phillip Keegan says:

    I’m replacing 758’s. Should I go 780V3 or the 880? What is the difference please? thank you.

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Phillip,

      The 758’s have been replaced by the 880, so they would be the closest update. The 780v3 are also very similar in structure to the 880, but they fit a little bit differently and I would say the 880 is a bit more cushioned.


  31. Marla Edwards says:

    It is a mule that doctor told me told me to wear for a house slipper

  32. Marla Edwards says:

    what shoe has replaced the New Balance 473 W

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Marla,

      Unfortunately New Balance did not make a direct replacement for there 473. I am unable to find any information on the fit of the shoe, so it would be hard to recommend a shoe that is close to the 473. If you could get into a store, it would be best. We would be able to put you through the whole fit process and find something that works.


  33. MaryAnne says:

    Thank you so much for this helpful site! Can you tell me what has replaced the NB 1062? I’ve been able to find “last pairs” at difference stores, but now they truly seem to be gone. I need a neutral shoe or a (not too stiff) stability shoe for ~30 miles a week running. Thanks!

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Mary Anne,

      The 1062 was replaced by the 1080 series. We have some sizing left in the 1080v3 and if we don’t have your size left in the v3 then we will definitely have the 1080v4.


  34. Jim says:

    I have 876 New Balance trail shoes which I would like to replace. However they are closed out and I am unable to find any in my size. What has replaced them. Or most nearly replaced them. I do not see any replacement on your replacement chart. Thanks!

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Jim,

      I just did some research for you. Unfortunately New Balance did not make a direct replacement. The closest shoe to the 876 would be the 610v3.


  35. Jane Klinger says:

    I love my New Balance 972s, but now need a replacement shoe. What has replaced them? Thanks!

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Jane,

      I wasn’t able to find any info on a New Balance 972. Would you be referring to the 927?


      • Jane Klinger says:

        Hi Sabrina,

        I checked on the tongue of the shoe and it says 972. My husband bought them for me in the 80s and they’ve lasted all these years. Just need to get another pair, but I think they have been discontinued.

  36. Sabrina says:

    Hi Kristina,

    Unfortunately the 470 does not have a replacement. I was able to find out that they were built on the PL-1 last, so the shoe that would fit most similar would be the 880v2 or 880v3.


  37. Cynthia says:

    I have a pair of men’s 856 4E that are nearing the end of their life. I’d like something similar but perhaps with a slightly broader toe box. I have plantar faciitis and need good heel cushioning.

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Cynthia,

      The 928 would be an awesome model to try. It is a little bit broader in the toe box area and has more cushion throughout the shoe.


  38. Peter Grant says:

    Hi there.
    Don’t want to mention the opposition but I’ve liked NB shoes for a few years now and would like to know what neutral running shoe NB has that would match either the Asics 2170 or the Adidas Supernova Glide 5? These shoes have been good for running but don’t seem to last too long. New Balance, in the past, have always outlasted the rest.

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Peter,

      I did some research on both pairs and they are very different from eachother. The Asics shoe is a stability shoe, so that helps with pronation. It also has quite a high stack in the heel. The Adidas pair has a lower stack and is a neutral shoe, so it does not correct pronation. If you can get into a store and find out whether you pronate or not, it would be a lot easier to recommend a shoe for you.


  39. Patricia Fox says:

    I believe they are the 506 cross-trainers, they are blue/white and grey.

  40. Ben says:

    What shoe replaced the Men’s 876?

  41. MG says:

    I’ve worn the (men’s) 653 for playing squash for the last 10 years (I was buying 2 pair at a time). I’m nearing the end of the last pair and I see I must have just bought the last 653’s a couple of years ago! The 656 replaces them but I have read reviews that the uppers are less supportive (less leather, more synthetic) and the insoles are not removable. I always upgrade the insoles as the factory ones leave me with shin splints within a couple of weeks!

    Any suggestions?

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Mark,

      I just checked up on that. The 656 is made with mesh and leather and it does have a removable insole in them. I haven’t heard of them being less supportive, but if you try them out and don’t like them, we give you 14 days to wear them indoors to return them for a full refund. You also have 30 days to exchange them even if they are worn outdoors.


  42. Tiffany says:

    Do you know what shoe replaced the MT410 Men’s Trail Running Shoe? If not, do you know what last was used to create it. I am trying to find a replacement shoe for my dad.

    Thank you,

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Tiffany,

      Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the MT410 has a replacement model. I am unable to find virtually any information on it, but by looking at the structure and cushioning on the shoe, the 610v3 would be the most similar model.


  43. Bonnie says:

    I have been wearing the WW606BR forever and very afraid to change. This shoe fits my heel better than all the rest. What would be the replacement for that shoe. Thanks so much.

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Bonnie,

      Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have the a replacement for this model. I checked the shoe last on that shoe and I was able to find a similar model with the same fit. It is the 759 country walking shoe.

      Thank you, Sabrina

  44. Patricia Fox says:

    My son has a pair of 506 shoes and needs new ones. I was wondering what the updated ones are.

  45. Matt Schneider says:

    Thank you in advance for the help you have given so many! My desire is to replace my New Ballance 646BR. I was told the 659 were the same but they are not the same. Any other suggestions?


  46. kelly stump says:

    My boyfriend has worn a pair of 473 black running shoes for years. Is there anything similar to that model?

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Kelly,

      It does not look like there is a new update to the 473. It is an all terrain shoe, so the 610v3 would be a similar option to try.


  47. Rick Dougherty says:

    I really like the new balance 608v2 aka MX608 v2
    Tried to buy its replacement twice.
    Bought mx608v2w It’s a different shoe! My feet burn and they fatigue my legs. after about an hour my feet start to tingle. I put my old ones back on and relief is instant. I also bought ” Mx608v3w – same exact problem.
    Is the “W” designation the problem?
    I want a sneaker for daily activities – general purpose.
    very frustrated I can’t just reorder the same ol shoe. Wasted over 120 bucks so far. Can you help? For work I wear a Nike monarch air black. They are very comfortable. If that helps. Looking forward to your advice.
    Rick D.

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Rick,

      The MX608V2W is the 608v2. The “W” just stands for white. They haven’t changed the cushioning systems in the 608, so you shouldn’t be noticing much of a difference. The Nike Monarch Air’s are closest to our 623. You could definitely try a pair of those, but to be honest, they are very similar to the 608 as well. If you need some more cushion, then the 840 walking shoe would be a really good upgrade.


  48. kyle says:

    Good morning
    Thank you for this helpful site!
    Do the 940s compare to the 1260 s
    I loved my 940 shoes and want to stick with the structure, etc. the 1260 shoes have come in much more soaking colors

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Kyle,

      The 940s are the highest level in stability running shoes, so the 1260’s will not have as much support for supination. You could definitely try the 1260’s, but there is a possibility that you will need a bit more support if you are used to wearing the 940.


  49. jenn says:

    Hello.. I’m just wondering what type of cross training shoes you could recommend for someone with flat feet and supination. My apologies if there has been a similar question. Thank you.

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Jenn,

      The 1211 cross training shoe would be the best option for supination. They are a stability model, so they will support your foot the best.


  50. Mary says:

    What shoe replaced the 550 v3? Thanks.

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Mary,

      It does not look like New Balance made a replacement for the 550v3. I would say based on the weight and the structure of the shoe, the 890v4 would be a good option to try.


  51. Fergal says:

    Is there a comparable shoe to the MR940,thanks .

  52. Denise says:

    What shoe replaced the women’s 656 walking shoe, with an SL-2 last? Thank you.

  53. Joyce Fay says:

    I have bought every ww742 women’s shoe available and am now looking for what model replaced this shoe and is currently being sold. I have an ankle plate and screws and this shoe is the only one that fits without rubbing on the plate. I am desperate to find the equivalent. Your help is grealty appreciated.
    Joyce fay

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Joyce,

      It looks like the 742 Walking shoe doesn’t have a direct replacement. I looked up the last of the 742, and we don’t see any updated models being made in that last. If you’re close to a a New Balance store, I would recommend going in and trying on some different models. Hopefully you can find something new that will work for you.


  54. David says:

    Hi Sabrina.

    I see that your chart is one year old (2.012). Is it updated with 2.013 models?

    Nice work anyway.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  55. JESSICA says:


  56. john says:

    I used to own the 550 – but didn’t see it on the chart. Any idea where it’s at now?

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi John

      There are two different models that were called the 550. One was a running shoe and one was a casual lifestyle shoe. Do you know which one you are referring to?


  57. john says:

    Any idea where they went from new balance 677? Been reliable shoes for me but time they’re put to rest :(

    the old 805 model looks like a pair I used to have an love, but the bottoms are different – top almost identical. Felt like I was walking on clouds..

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi John,

      It doesn’t look like they have a replacement for the 677 cross training shoe. The closest shoe to the 677 would be the 797v2. They both are very lightweight and have a good amount of cushion for a cross training shoe. Hope this helps!


  58. Brendan Beveridge says:

    Please advise the current equivalent of New Balance M1340SB Optimum Control Shoes. I bought 2 pairs earlier in the year but seem unable to identify them on the site now. Thanks, BrendanB

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Brendan,

      We do not sell this shoe and as far as I can see, it has been discontinued. New Balance does not have a direct update to this shoe, but the closest model in terms of structure and support would be the 940v2


  59. Tony says:

    What’s the nearest thing to the New Balance M690? Just wearing out my 3rd pair, and would love to get some more . . . would buy a bunch of them if I can find them! Thanks!

  60. Marvin Dixon says:

    I am in a dilemma. I wear the 927 which is replaced by the 928 which incidentally doesn’t match up to the 927. What other shoe is compatible? I sure hope you can help. My ankles are getting worse because of this.

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Marvin,

      In all honesty, the 928 is definitely the most similar shoe to the 927. We haven’t noticed much of a difference at all, but if you would like to try something else, the 840v2 will fit very similar to the 928: They are a running shoe, but they offer tons of cushion and a slight rocker sole, like the 928. Hope this helps!


  61. Brenda says:

    My boys love the KJ 688/689 shoes. When they discontinued them I stocked up, but we have now run out…I got too many 5’s and not enough 6’s and 7’s! My youngest is currently a 5.5, so we’re still a year short of adult sizes. Any idea which current model of “boys” shoe would fit closest?

    GREAT site – thanks so much for all your efforts!

  62. Meghan says:

    What would replace the men’s M880 BS. What do the last letters on the shoe style mean?

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Meghan,

      The last letters are the color codes. The BS stands for blue and silver. The M880BS was the first version of the 880. We now have the 880v2 and the 880v3.

  63. Darryl says:

    Hi Nathan –

    I know the 1140 replaced the 817, but what has replaced the 1140?

  64. Sue Bukantis says:

    How do you think the womens 928 compares to the 856/7? I take the 4E in 10.5 so I am no small shoe…thanx

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Sue,

      In my personal opinion, the 928 is definitely a more comfortable shoe than the 856/857. The 928 has a rocker sole, so that helps create an easy transition from heel-to-toe. The 856/857 have very stiff soles and do not have the rocker movement. If you tend to just use the shoes for walking, then I would recommend the 928. If you do any type of exercise classes in them, then the 856/857 will be a better shoe.


  65. S says:

    I was a dedicated runner on the women’s 725 -do they have a direct replacement?

    • Sabrina says:


      Unfortunately it does not look like there is a direct replacement for the 725 running shoe. If you would like to try something similar, I would recommend the 1080v3. They are built on a very similar last, so they will feel almost the same in terms of fit.


  66. Marg Long says:

    I really like the country walking shoes #606 for women, and now am on my last pair. I do not like the #659 as much due to a shorter toe box. Any suggestions for a current replacement for the old #606?

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Marg,

      I apologize for the late reply. The most similar shoe we have to the 606 would be the 759 now.

      Thank you, Sabrina

  67. Rita Wingert says:

    I have always worn the women’s New Balance 894 for a long time. Can no longer find the women’s version. What has replaced them, if any? Thanks.

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Rita,

      Unfortunately the 894 does not have a direct replacement, but I have heard that the 857 would fit closest to the 894.

      Thank you, Sabrina

  68. Esther says:

    I loved my New Balance 755 walking shoes, but they are totally at their end now. Since then I walked long-distance paths on shoes from another brand, that never really felt comfortable. So I’m going back to New Balance! Which model is most alike those great 755 from years back?
    In advance, thank you very much for answering!

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Esther,

      I just want to clarify because there are a couple of different 755 from the past. Are you referring to the brown slip-on type shoe?

      Thank you, Sabrina

      • Esther says:

        Hi Sabrina,
        Thanks for your question. It’s a brown shoe, but not a slip-on type, it has shoestrings. It is probably meant for country walking.

  69. Mike says:

    What New Balance tennis shoe replaces the Men’s 609?

  70. Annette says:

    This chart is great! I was just searching for my shoes and couldn’t find them. Turns out the 927 were switched to 928.

    I have a question what are other type of shoes do you have in the same size/format as the 928’s. Due to a large ankle foot orthotic that I wear, I need 2 different sizes and widths. I currently need Men’s 6.5 4E (But have to get 7 4E) and the other foot is 9.5 6E. I also get them in white because it goes with more. Problem is being a woman they aren’t the most feminine and don’t go with everything. Is there something else that I could look at that has the same shoe base? in either ladies or mens?

    Thanks for the help

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Annette,

      I’m glad the chart helped you out! Unfortunately there are not too many options of shoes that come up to a 6E. The 928 is probably going to be the best option for you, but if you would like to switch it up, the 857 would work as well. They are built on the same last, but they are a cross training shoes and do not have as much cushion. Sorry about that!

      Thank you, Sabrina

  71. Karen says:

    I’ve finally had to trash the last pair of 790s that I had stashed away after NB discontinued them several years back. Is there anything new I should consider? They worked perfectly with my orthodics and I particularly liked the unusual (for sports shoe) embroidered beige flowered and grey gridded models for fit, comfort and looks. Any chance they will return, or do you have replacements now?

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Karen,

      I just wanted to clarify which model you are asking about. There was a 790 stability running shoes and a 790 trail shoe.

      Thank you, Sabrina

  72. Chris says:

    Hi! I am looking for a shoe comparable to the 905. I know it hasn’t been out in awhile, but I have been lucky enough to find several pair until now!! Ugh.. Even my coach (who is sponsored by Saucony) agrees that it is the best shoe for my foot. Any recommendations are appreciated. Also, I do IM tri’s if that matters. Thanks! Chris

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Chris,

      Unfortunately this shoe doesn’t have a direct update. It was quite a mild stability, so the only shoe that would compare, is the 870v2. If you would like to try them and order through us, we give you 14 days to try them indoors and you can return them for a full refund. You also have 30 days to try them outdoors and you can exchange them for something else. We pay all the shipping to you and the return shipping.

      Thank you, Sabrina

  73. John Reagan says:


    I have exhausted my stash of MR645WN New Balance running shoes and would like to know what a good replacement model would be with the same fit and level of support please?

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi John,

      Unfortunately there isn’t a direct update to the MR645 running shoe. I was able to find some information on it, so I found a model that would be similar. The 1080v3 is built on the same last, so it will fit very similar and they are neutral like your previous model. Hope this helps!

      Thank you, Sabrina

  74. Sahal says:

    Dear Sabrina

    I have been on my feet for the whole week looking for NB 1540 or 928 which were recommended by my podiatrist but couldn’t find them or their replacements in the area
    I had 4th metatarsal fracture and now recovering
    My podiatrist said I need a shoe with roll bar technology, arch support and wide base for the swelling and it has to have hard/ thick insole.
    Do you have close indirect replacement for these (1540 as first option, 928 as second and 845 as a last option)
    Appreciate your help

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Sahal,

      Sorry you’ve had issues finding the right models. We actually have both the 1540 and the 928. My recommendation would be the 928. They can be ordered online or you can call us at 1-888-501-1333 and we will put the order through for you.

      Thank you, Sabrina

  75. Li says:

    Hi, can you tell me what shoe has replaced the women’s WE551YB1?

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Li,

      I am unable to find any information on a shoe with that code. Are you able to double check if that is the right model number for that shoe?

      Thank you, Sabrina

  76. Sheila Quackenbush says:

    I have worn the 1220 series when I was running (I now walk mostly). My last pair was the 1224. That series does not appear to be available. What is most like it.

  77. Marilyn says:

    what shoe replaced the women’s NB 660?

  78. Bill P says:

    Please advise what replaced the men’s MX757W8 shoe. Light weight, great support and perfect for the gym. Need to finally replace my old ones. Thanks

  79. Nicholas says:

    I have a pair of 663s, and I need to replace them. What’s the current equivalent?

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Nicholas,

      Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there is an update to the 663. Something that would be very similar would be the 870v2. They are built on the same last, so they will fit the same and they have the same level of stability.

      Thank you, Sabrina

  80. darlene johnston says:

    Could you kindly explain what the difference is in ‘lasts’. I see that there are SL-1, SL-2 and now a WR840v has an SL-3 last. I have a pair of WR840(not v) and it was purchased about 6 months ago(before the newer WR840v2). What last would my WR840 be? And now that the new version contains SL-3 would my orthotics still fit to that last? I need this information before I purchase the shoes, as the orthotics cost far more than a pair of shoes.

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Darlene,

      There are over 50 different lasts that New Balance uses on their shoes. The 840v1 (the model that you have) was built on the SL-2 last. The 840v2 is built on the SL-3. The only difference between the two lasts is the new version has a little bit more depth in the forefoot area. They fit orthotics very nicely. Hope this helps!

      Thank you, Sabrina

  81. Chris Boswell says:

    I’m looking to replace my New Balance 780. Can you tell me what number to look for?
    I just found your site. Very helpful, thank you very much

  82. Lynn says:


    Has the women’s WX871 cross trainer been replaced??

    Thank you!

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Lynn,

      They have not replaced the WX871. They actually made a hybrid shoe with the 871 and the 797v2. Sorry about that!

      Thank you, Sabrina

  83. Bill Kennedy says:

    Hi could you tell me what shoe replaced the 1012? I have had about 5 pairs of these and they have worked out great but. I purchase the Extra Wide. Also could you tell me what Trail Shoe is closest to this?

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Bill,

      Do you happen to know the full code of the shoe you have? There have been a few different models with the name 1012 in the past.

      Thank you, Sabrina

      • Bill Kennedy says:

        The just say 1012. On the tongue it says “Running” and on the bottom of the shoe it says Stability. They apparently have been discontinued in the past 6 months.

        • Sabrina says:

          Hi Bill,

          Unfortunately there is not a direct replacement for the 1012 Motion Control runner. The 940 would be the closest in terms of support and stability, but it is made on an SL-1 last where as the 1012 was made on an SL-2. You can check it out here: Hopefully this one works for you.


  84. Eme says:

    Do you know what last the W540GT1 was? I got this pair twice in a row for running, but it appears to be no longer available. I would love to be able to get a shoe similar to this because it fit my feet perfectly!

  85. Linus says:


    Could you please tell me what shoe replaced the 609? I’ve worn out about 6 pair and am on my last one…


  86. Julie says:

    What shoe replaced the women’s 473? I’ve just about worn out my fourth pair and I can’t find anything else that works.

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Julie,

      Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there is a direct update to that shoe. Something similar for you to try would be the 810v2. They are built on the same last, so they will fit almost the same. Hope this helps!

      Thank you, Sabrina

    • Julie says:

      Oops, typo! The 474. Thank you.

  87. Peggy P. says:

    What shoes replaced my beloved pair of New Balance WR749BR? Thank you for your help. Have a good day, Peggy P.

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Peggy,

      Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there is a direct update to the 749. After looking at the specs of the shoe, I found that the 860 series will be the most similar shoe. Hope this helps!

      Thank you, Sabrina

  88. Terra says:

    I currently have worn out my women’s 505’s which you stopped making some time ago I had to hunt down the current ones I have because you had already stopped making them when I bought these. Your list above doesn’t have them and no one else asked in the comments above so I’m hoping someone can tell me what the replacement for them would now be? I really like the women’s 595 because they are wide in the toes and narrow in the heel. My biggest issue with athletic shoes is the heel slipping. I can literally go to every shoe store and walk out without a single pair after trying on every pair because my heel will slip. So your help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Terra,

      Unfortunately the 505 was discontinued and there is no direct replacement. I would suggest going with a shoe that is made with an SL-2 last (wider forefoot, narrower heel). For a running shoe the 840 is a great option, for a walking shoe the 928 would be best. Just a tip – if you tie your shoes with a “heel lock” it really helps with heel slipping. This video explains how to do it:


  89. John says:

    I’m looking for the replacement shoe for the 610. Any ideas?

  90. Linda Piazza says:

    I wear my sneakers everyday. They are like wearing slippers. I am wearing my last pair of 622’s and they are so comfortable. I love them! Please tell me what has replaced these sneakers? I also loved your 475’s. I have been searching for 2 weeks on many sites for either of these sneakers. Help! I need sneakers ASAP.
    Thank you.

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Linda,

      I’m glad you found a model that has been successful for you. The 622 have been replaced by the 623v1 and now we also have the 623v2. They don’t make very many changes with the new models of the 623 series because they are so successful the way they are, so they will be almost exactly the same. As for the 475, there isn’t a direct update, but the 577 walking shoe will be almost exactly the same. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

      Thank you, Sabrina

  91. Denise Ross says:

    What can you tell me about the women’s 1645, a rock and tone shoe? Is it recommended for people with bunions? What shoe last did it use? I usually wear SL-2 or WOL-01. Thanks for your help!

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Denise,

      The 1645 was a rock-n-tone that was made on a PW-1 last. The upper of the shoe was based on the 645 trail walking shoe. It’s hard to say if a shoe does or doesn’t work with a bunion. You would probably need to try the shoe on to see if it bothers you (assuming you found it somewhere else as it is no longer available). Some people prefer a softer mesh upper when they have a bunion, and this shoe is a thicker suede. Hopefully this helps answer your question.


  92. Annette Love says:

    I am a big fan of New Balance sneakers. So much so that when I found out that the old 1064 where no longer being made, I found and bought as many as I could. I run marathons so I soon wore through them! I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed when I followed the replacement chart and bought the 1080 V2. They are NOT the same sneaker. I can’t quite describe it, but I felt almost flat footed running in them. I soon came to discover that they have a lower drop (less than 12mm) than the 1064. Very disappointing. The day before the Boston Marathon I went into the New Balance store on Boylston. The salesgirl there listened to my dilemma and put me into the 880 V2. Heaven! I ran a 3:38 the next day! Thank you, is all I can say to her. My question is……. Why are you saying the 1080 replaces the 1064 when they are a much lower drop shoe????

  93. Steve Higgins says:

    I’ve worm 878s for years and love the shoe. It’s no longer availabale and I’ve been sent Glycerin 10, NewBalance Baddaley 890 and Saucony Triump 10. None feel the same. I am a heavy runner, need heavy cushion and high arch! Help! any suggestions are appreciated.

    • Steve Higgins says:

      forgot to mention, NB 878 is an SL-2 fit – which I was told by a doctor to wear. Thanks.

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Steve,

      I’m sorry you are having issues finding the right shoe for you. The New Balance 878 has been replaced by the 840v1 and now the 840v2. Since the 878 worked so well for you, I would recommend for you to try the 840 series.

  94. tim says:

    what replaced the mt461?

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Tim,

      Unfortunately the MT461 was discontinued and it doesn’t look like it was replaced. If you want something similar, I would recommend the 610.

      Thank you, Sabrina

  95. MichelleinSoCa says:

    Hi Nathan,

    I loved the WW572 and purchased over a dozen pair when they discontinued them…now I am down to my last pair. Would you please tell me which shoe replaces the WW572 please?

    Kindest regards,

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there is a direct update to the 572. The most similar walking shoe we have to the 572 is the 928. They are both built on the same last, so they will have the same fit. Let me know if you have any more questions.

      Thank you, Sabrina

  96. Andrea says:

    Looking for a pair (or two) of 816 for my husband…what shoe replaced them?

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Andrea,

      Unfortunately we do not have any 816’s left. There isn’t a direct update, but the 840 running shoe will be the most similar fit to the 816. The 816 had a stability feature called a Roll Bar. Unfortunately the 840 doesn’t have that feature, so if you would like to try a stability shoe, I would recommend the 860. It is not built on the same last, but it will have a similar amount of stability to the 816. Let me know if you have any more questions.

      Thank you, Sabrina

  97. Wayne Peirson says:

    First, many thanks for this very useful web site. Your explanations and recommendations are frequently far more useful than other information from New Balance (“them,” in Boston).

    One the 1260v2 replacement for the old 1223 — it appears the instep is shallower, and the toe box is narrower in the new vs. the older shoe. Were I in charge of NB I would have continued to produce a “standard” 1223 follow-on, except perhaps without the stability features. Any recommendations here besides the 1260?

    And on the 810v2 — my original inexpensive 801s are still usable, although showing their age in many ways (great shoes for pouring rain). Is it your opinion that the 810v2s are as close as can be found to the 801s?

    Thanks for your time, and thanks once more for the site!

    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Wayne,

      Sorry for the delayed response! Thank you for the great feedback!

      If you are looking for a stability shoe that is built on the SL-1 (standard) last, the 940 would be the shoe for you. If you would like to try a neutral shoe with the SL-1 last, the 990 would be a great option.

      As for finding a replacement for the 801 trail, the 810 definitely would be the best option in terms of finding the closest fit. The 801 was built on the SL-1 last and the 810 is built on the PL-1. The main difference is that the 810 will hug your heel more and that is a good thing when you are on unpredictable terrain. The only thing that you won’t be able to get in our current trail models, is the water resistant factor that your 801 trail model has. Hope this helps!

      Thank you, Sabrina

  98. Jeannie says:

    What replaced the women’s zip running shoe (wr8505 or WR8507)? I really liked the heal on that running shoe and haven’t been able to find something comparable.


    • Sabrina says:

      Hi Jeannie,

      New Balance stopped manufacturing that shoe a few years ago. Unfortunately there is nothing directly comparable out right now.


  99. Nick says:

    Really keen to find a new pair of NB 1062, size E42

    Any clues ?


  100. Libby says:

    I was a huge fan of the 1222-1225 shoes. I have semi-flat feet and am a slight over pronator. I loved the cushioning in the older shoes, which is hard to find in stability shoes. The 1226 and 1260 have not worked for me, unfortunately. In fact, I seemed to develop plantar fasciitis, or something similar, in the 1260s and had to revert to using my older shoes. Once I stopped using the 1260s the plantar fasciitis went away and I tried using them again without success.

    I am very hesitant to buy the 1260v2 because I’m afraid I’ll have a similar problem with them. I am a loyal NB runner. Can you recommend a different series that I should try? I’m 5’8″, 165 pounds and I run 5ks, 10ks and two half marathons a year.

    Thanks for all your responses – this has to be one of the most useful forums I’ve come across.

  101. Jill Jeffrey says:

    I started wearing 1122’s after I broke my ankle and had a rod and 11 screws put in it and before I had both my hips replaced. When they stopped making them, my dear husband went online and bought up the last 4 pairs he could find (men’s and women’s). The last pair is on it’s last legs and I am bereft. I have checked out other New Balance shoes but I cannot find the same combination of wide toe area and amazing stability provided by 1122’s. Does anybody have these shoes?

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Jill,

      I’m sorry you have had such a hard time to find a pair of shoes that works for you! Unfortunately we do not have any pairs left of the 1122, but we do have the updated version which is the 1540. They are built on the same last, so they will have the same fit and have the same great support of the 1122’s. If you end up wanting to order a pair online, we give you 14 days from the day you receive the shoes to try them indoors and send them back for a full refund. We also give you 30 days to try them (even outdoors) to send them back for a store credit or exchange. You would also be provided with a prepaid return label if you need to send the shoes back. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.

      Thank you, Sabrina

  102. Mary Ann Copeman says:

    What shoe replaces the 615? I need a narrow shoe. 10 Narrow. I have a 990 its too wide. Thank you

  103. Peter says:

    My wife has the 758 shoe that will need replacing. I see the 880v2’s will do the trick. What other shoe would be suitable. She uses orthotics in the 758 currently. I was looking at either the 890v3 or 1080v3 in a ‘D’ width because of wide’ish feet.

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Peter,

      The three you mentioned, are also the three that I would recommend. They are all neutral running shoes, which is what should be worn when you have an orthotic. They are also made with the same last or mold as the 758. Since you wife does have a bit of a wider foot and will also have the orthotic, I would probably go with the 880 or the 1080. Hopefully that helps, please let us know if you have any more questions.


  104. Tammy McKenzie says:

    Hi, I just acquired a pair of New Balance 740 Grey running shoes and was wondering when these were manufactured.


    • Nathan says:

      Hi Tammy,

      I don’t have an exact date that the 740s were manufactured, but it was about 5 years ago.


  105. Lisa-Anne says:

    Hi, Nathan,
    I’ve been very happy with my women’s 1012, but I can’t find them in the US now. Is there a replacement for this shoe? And if not, do you ship to the states? :)

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Lisa-Anne,

      We do have some 1012’s left, so if you would like to call us at 1-888-501-1333 or 604-514-0022, we will try to track down a pair for you.

      Thank you, Sabrina

  106. Paul says:

    Hi there

    Great answers! Was wondering if you knew anything about the 665 running shoe from a year or so back, not the current walking one with the same number. Just happens to be perfect for me. Not worried about cost just want to run! Size was 9 2e.


    • Nathan says:

      Hi Paul,

      Unfortunately I was unable to find any sizes left in that model and it doesn’t look like New Balance has come out with a replacement for them. I’m really sorry I couldn’t help you out more. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Thank you, Sabrina

  107. Toby says:

    I currently have MR760ST. I bought 3 pairs and this is my last one. I see the 860 is the replacement, but is there a patricular model I need to get. Thanks

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Toby,

      You could go with the 860 V2 or the 860 V3. The 860 V3 is the most updated model. If the V2 is still available in your size, it would be a great deal at the sale price of $99.98. Let me know if you have any more questions.


  108. CATHY STREET says:

    What shoe replaces the 600 New Balance

  109. Kelley says:

    What replaced the New Balance running shoe 769 ?

  110. Jessie says:

    Hi there,

    I was curious as to what replaced the wr790, this shoe was amazing!! But it appears they’re not made anymore and I can’t find anything on the but old reviews.


    • Nathan says:

      Hi Jessie,

      I checked with New Balance corporate and it doesn’t look like the 790 running shoe is going to be made any time in the near future. Unfortunately there isn’t a direct update of this shoe, but the 890 series would be a very similar option for you. They are both built on the PL-1 last, so they will fit the same. Let me know if you have any more questions.

      Thank you, Sabrina

  111. Vanessa says:

    Hi there,

    I currently run with the 858 (OLD!!) and from the chart above I can see it’s been replaced by the 940. Can you tell me however, what the difference is between the 940 and the 940v2?

    Also I realise that the 858 and the 940 both have quite thick soles compared to something like the minimus. What are the pros/cons of each of these?

    I’m shopping online and am likely to get one of the 940s just cause they are most similar to what I already have, but I’d like to find out more about the other shoes as I’m not much of a runner usually but am embarking on learning to run a 10km and want to start of with the best pair of shoes I can!


    • Nathan says:

      Hi Vanessa,

      The 940 v2s aren’t out in the stores yet, but from the advance copies and info we’ve seen of it, there isn’t going to be a pile of difference – still a strong stability shoe with a particularly dense medial post. AKA – this is the right shoe if you’ve got a pretty flat foot and overpronate a lot. I know they’re coming in at a half ounce lighter, which is generally the trend right now in running.

      You’re right in that they have fairly thick soles. As these are strong stability shoes, the reason for the thicker soles is to accommodate the medial post, which helps correct your gait if you’re an overpronator. The minimalist shoes (like the Minimus) pursue a totally different shoe philosophy: they simulate running barefoot, with a bit of protection from sharp rocks. Major gait correction (like the 940) and minimalist form (as in the Minimus) are two very different ways you could address the tendency to overpronate: the 940s will “make up” for an overpronating running style, whereas learning how to midfoot strike in a Minimus will help address the problem by helping change your entire running gait.

      If you’re just starting into training for a 10k, now might be a good time to make your minimalist transition. I wouldn’t recommend that a guy who runs 10k a day strap on a pair of MR00s and do his same 10k – it takes a while for your feet to get used to the lack of cushioning. If you’re already running a bit, I’d run 1k in the Minimus, and then go back to your regular runners, and then do 2k in the Minimus 3 days later, etc. If you’re just getting started, you could get the Minimus and just wear them around the house, on errands, etc, and slowly break in to running in them.

      Enjoy your training and good luck on your 10k!

      – Thanks, Nathan

      • Vanessa says:

        Thanks Nathan! That was an awesomely comprehensive answer!

        I think I will stick to the 940s for running for now – I do overpronate and have rolled both my ankles in the past. I will have to give the minimus a try in the future though!


      • Amanda says:

        Thanks for the recommendation, Nathan. I had bought 3 pairs of the WR858ST New Balance shoes (and use insoles) because they fit like a sock and never gave me injuries. So thanks for quelling fears about having to find the perfect shoe again.

        I did notice the outside heel portion of the shoes seem to wear out faster. I am not sure what part of my foot mechanics affects this. I also am a high mileage runner.

  112. Peter says:

    Hi there,
    My sons podiatrist recommended anything in the 760 series. I can see the 860V2 on the chart. I take it this applies to the 860V3 as well? Cheers

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Peter,

      That is correct! Thank you for the reminder, we will make sure to update the chart to show the 860 V3 as well.

      Thank you, Sabrina

  113. chris says:

    I bought the MX894WB cross training shoe. I don’t see it on your chart. Why is that?
    It appears to be discontinued. I am trying to find the specs. It has abzorb technology in the heel and outer front. Also, I see stability web written on the sole.

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Chris – I can’t find a direct replacement from New Balance for the 894, so it doesn’t look like they chose an official replacement – that’s why it’s not on our replacement chart. However, as luck would have it, my dad has a pair of those, which I replaced for him with a pair of 856s – he found those to be the closest fit. If you’re just looking particularly for the Abzorb cushioning, a pair of 623s would be a good pick.

  114. Kolyn Giebel says:

    Hi, i am trying so hard to find these!! i have no ide what the name was, can you please help! the only picture i could find was of this ebay posting!

  115. Scott says:

    Looking for the NB 741 Basketball Shoe. Has it been replaced or discontinued?

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Scott – the 741 is gone, but we do have a replacement – the 891. If you do decide to order it, we do have a fit guarantee and free return shipping in case it doesn’t work out for you.

  116. Andrew says:

    Do you know if New Balance plans on making an 1190 v2 and if so, do you know if they will be following the trend of lowering the heel-toe drop as they have with the 870 and 890? I loved the 903,04, but wasn´t crazy about the 905´s and really dis-liked the 1190.

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Andrew – I’ve checked with Boston, and I don’t see anything in the works yet for an 1190v2. If you’re not crazy about the lower stack height, I’d look toward the 880 (same PL-1 last). I wear the V1s myself, as I like the extra arch support, but the V2s also have a more traditional stack height and good cushioning.

      Pic is related; grabbed an 880 off the shelf to measure actual stack height. May be off 1-2mm because it’s really hard to hold a camera and wrangle the caliper, but you get what I’m goin for :)

  117. Raleigh says:


    First, thanks for putting up the chart for all these replacement figures.
    Second, thanks for responding to all these customer questions.

    One comment, one question.
    nancy asked about 878 replacement (Nov 19, 2012) to which you replied 840 (correct) and noted it would be same (not entirely). See this link for details
    A lot of us are quite annoyed w/ NB for not making the 840 the same as the 883. They seem to have gone out of their way to make the toe box narrower, which causes those of us with hobbit feet problems.

    Which leads to my question:
    When will NB release 840 v2?
    And a follow up, will they correct it this time?

    Raleigh, NC

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Raleigh,

      Thanks, and all good questions. Truth is, as an independent New Balance franchise store, we’d rather see them not change certain core shoes (928, 860, 883) that people are particularly attached to, because it’s at our stores that people come in and say “please tell me they haven’t changed my favourite shoe.” I’ve heard the same feedback from a couple people now, so I appreciate that reminder and I’ve changed up that recommend some to note that they’ll have the closest fit and feel, rather than the same. I’ll definitely forward your feedback to New Balance corp through our rep, though.

      Regarding the 840v2, what we know about them is that the replacement is coming out this spring, and we’ve booked an order in widths B-2E. They’re showing a ship date of May 1, so they should be in stores (in Canada at least) around 2 weeks after that. Regarding shoe last, the only info that I have on the 840s is that they’ll be built on a new last, the SL-3. It’s anyone’s guess as to what will be different, and they haven’t released any pictures, but my best guess is that enough people will have put forward feedback stating that they want a larger toebox, New Balance will listen and change it up, as it’s the only shoe I can see listed with the SL-3 last.

      Unfortunately, all I can really do is guess until we get the shoe, but that’s my best indication. A lot of running shoes are going to the smaller toebox PL-1 last, and although it’s great for marathoners, I’m sure New Balance will be getting a good bit of pushback from those who want the old-style “lightbulb last”. So, in short, my advice would be that if you get 840v2s, get them at a New Balance store if you have one nearby. NB stores will allow you to try them and even wear them outside for 30 days, and if the fit isn’t right, exchange them for something else. You might end up in an entirely different shoe if those don’t fit (say 587), but hopefully a good gait analysis (or foot scan if one is available) will help you find a shoe you’re comfy in.

      Hope this helps.


  118. marlee says:

    hi –
    1. what is the current version of the WT 101 PH (womens’ shoes)

    2. which “last” style is it? (you have another page on your site re: “lasts” and how they fit (narrow, wide etc) – i have a wide foot and high arch, ladies 11. I use shoes for walking – not running.

    i am familiar with your store and appreciate your service – customers: if you’re reading this – it’s well worth going down to Robson St. (i am not affiliated in any way, just happy customer.)

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Marlee,

      The new version of the 101 is the 110 . It’s built on the NL-1 “natural last” – wider in the forefoot. It’s about average for arch support, so you might want to try a pair on first rather than picking them up online.

      I know that Paul and Chris in Delta really love the 110, so either of them would be quite helpful on this shoe, and anyone at Robson will be quite familiar with it as well. And thanks for the positive feedback :)

      – Nathan

  119. jason says:

    Which shoe replaced the 1770?

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Jason – I’ve checked with Boston, and it looks like New Balance hasn’t continued the 1770 line. However, if that shoe worked for you, and you’re looking for a highly cushioned mild stability performance runner in the PL-1 last, I’d definitely go towards the 1260v2. Being a stability shoe built on the same shoe last, it’s going to be the closest shoe to the 1770. – Thanks, Nathan

    • jason says:

      i guess i will get no response?

      • Nathan says:

        Hi Jason; see above for response – New Balance discontinued the 1770 so I would recommend the 1260v2 for the closest replacement. – Thanks, Nathan

  120. Paul says:

    Hey Nathan,

    This chart is very helpful. I wish I lived in Vancouver so I could come to your store. Actually, there are a lot of reasons I wish I lived in Vancouver, you and your store are just the most recent reasons. Happy New Year.


    • Nathan says:

      Thanks Paul. The way we see it, the internet is all about information, and the best thing a website can do is answer some of the questions we get frequently. One of those big questions is “what is the replacement for… and how can I get it?” Happy New Year to you too. – Nathan

  121. Charlie says:

    I have a pair of 608 v2 that are my most comfortable shoes. They are starting to wear out, so i bought a pair of 608 v3 but found the toe box to be much narrower and therefore uncomfortable. They are both size 13 EEEE. Could you recommend a new balance shoe similar to the 608 V2? Or do you still have any v2’s in stock?

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Charlie,

      Sorry bout the delay; was out of the office when you posted. I’ve checked our inventory, and it looks like we’re sold out in all of our stores. However, I have checked with Boston, and they still show some v2s in stock in white. If you’d like to order them, give your local New Balance store a call and they should be able to bring them in for you.

      Thanks, Nathan

  122. Heather says:

    I’m currently wearing the 480v2 running shoes. What is the replacement shoe for that shoe?

    Also I find being someone who formally was all about barefeet, now I have to wear shoes during the day, as my heels hurt pretty bad and the outside edge of my foot as well. What shoe do you recommend for that. (I suspect it might be that I have flat feet.)

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Heather,

      Regarding the 480v2, I’d say the closest shoe we’d have would be the 580. The 480v2 is a “direct container” shoe, meaning it’s more often shipped to department stores by the containerload (rather than sold through New Balance stores). Sizing is pretty limited in the 580 now, though, and if you’re getting foot pain, I’d drop that shoe and head toward something more cushioned.

      In Newbalancespeak, the “80” on the end of the shoe name denotes a “neutral cushioned” shoe, best for people with fairly high arches. If this is the case, a pair of 1080s or 880s will feel a lot better on your feet. If you’ve actually got flat feet, you’re better off in a stability shoe. My best guess is that if the outside edge of your foot hurts, you’re actually a supinator, in which case I would recommend a light motion control shoe, like the 990.

      My best suggestion would be to drop into a store with a foot scanner (Delta or Langley) to figure out where you’re putting down the most pressure on your feet, and how to alleviate that. With the scanner, we can figure out in 30 seconds how to solve a foot problem that might take 30 minutes and a few tries to solve over the phone. Either way though, we’re more than happy to answer questions, here or by phone – 1-888-501-1333.

      Thanks, Nathan

  123. Marilyn says:

    I loved the 1123 women’s New Balance running shoe, I need a wider box toe (SL/2). Unfortunately, it has been discontinued and I bought a New Balance 1140 and was disappointed as it was too tight on my upper foot and gave my toes a feeling of pins and needles. I understand the 1540 replaced the 1123, but heard the toe is shorter and not nearly as comfortable as the 1123. What NB running shoe would you suggest?

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Marilyn – if the upper of the 1140 is giving you trouble, I’d look at the 840, as it’s our most generous fit. The 1123 was a pretty heavy-duty motion control shoe, though, as is the 1540, so you’re going to be moving into a different type of shoe. Do you know off the top of your head if you have a fairly flat foot or overpronate? I’ve put up a quick guide on which New Balance shoe to pick here. Bottom line; if you’ve got a flatter foot, go with the 1540 in a half size up. If you’ve got a fairly standard arch, go with the 840 in your regular size.

  124. Casey says:

    Looks like the 880 is going away what is replacing it

  125. Pete Sohn says:

    The 780 country walker is apparently being discontinued. I have worn these for some time and find them the perfect shoe. Is the 780 being upgraded? Or is there another shoe that is a close equivalent? I wear size 12 4E.

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Pete – if the 780’s a good fit for you, I’d suggest checking out the 759. The 780 is being discontinued, and the 759 is the closest shoe in terms of fit and functionality: it’s a versatile men’s country walking shoe built on the AL-1 shoe last (so fit should be the same).

  126. Larry says:

    I love the old 622 shoe but not the 623. Now I see that NB has released the 623v2 and 624. What’s the story on these 2 versions? Thanks.

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Larry – it’s actually kind of a funny story. We initially ordered in the 624s as a 623 replacement. To be completely honest, we didn’t love the 623v1s either: we thought the sole was a bit too soft on the 623. Because it’s our entry-level shoe, and a lot of people didn’t want to spend $150 on shoes after spending $600 on custom orthotics, it was a popular shoe for people to put orthotics in, but because of its softer sole, it wasn’t a great shoe for a medical application.

      So when we got the 624s in, we tried em out, ran in em, did some crossfit, etc, and decided we didn’t like em. We felt the sole was again too soft and the materials weren’t as good they should be. And we called Boston, got a return authorization for them, and sent them back.

      (I should probably explain at this point that we’re an independently owned licensee of New Balance; New Balance came to us and asked us to open the first New Balance store outside of the US. When I say “they”, I mean New Balance corporate. By “we” I mean

      Anyway. We sent them back and ordered the 623v2s, which we were hoping would be a bit more like the 622s (which we loved too). The 623v2s came in, and we found they were a bit more like the old ones (621s even.) Ultimately, we’d like to wind the clock back and fill a container with 622s and keep selling them. But in our opinion, the 623v2 is a step in the right direction, no pun intended.

      Anyway, if you liked the 623s, I’d recommend you check out the 608s. They’re a branch off the old 620-series, and quite similar to the old 622s.

  127. John says:

    What shoe replaced the 915 trail shoe?

  128. Candice Anastasi says:

    I love the 763 running shoes. I am so sad they are being discontinued. I have used them for years. What shoe replaces the 763?

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Candice – don’t worry, they’ve got a direct replacement. The 763 has been replaced by the 860. The 860, as a stability shoe, fulfills very much the same function as the 763, giving extra support to overpronators and runners with flat feet. If you’re not sure, I’d recommend you try them out at a running store with a treadmill or a guarantee that lets you bring them back if they don’t fit you quite right. – Thanks, Nathan

  129. Paul says:

    What New Balance shoe replaced the Mens 645 Country Walker? I’m looking for a walker that is more ‘dressy’, and the 645 had the leather look to it. I use my pair for work shoes.

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Paul,

      The 780 would be a good replacement for the 646 in terms of fit, as both are built on the AL-1 last and will feature a similar fit. Another good replacement would be the 759, which fulfills a similar function and has a couple options for colours.

  130. Emma says:

    This site is SO useful and I’m glad I finally found it. Where is the 770 v2 in the line up? I mean is it like the 758?

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Emma. Glad we could help :) We actually chose not to bring in the 770v2 as we found the 870 did a better job in the mild stability category. It is a lot like the 758: built on the same shoe last (PL-1), built to emphasize cushioning, but still providing a little gait correction for those who need it. – Thanks, Nathan

  131. Laura says:

    what new balance shoe replaced the new balance 816?

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Laura – looks like the 816 was a stability shoe built on the SL-2 last. It doesn’t look like there’s a direct replacement, but if you want the same fit, there are 2 running shoes with the SL-2 last: the 1540 and the 840. The 1540 is better suited if you’re flat-footed and you overpronate, whereas the 840 is a more neutral shoe for people who don’t need gait correction.

      The 816 doesn’t look like it’s as gait-corrective as the 1540 though, so you might have to look at something with a little different fit. Overall, if you have a chance to drop in to a New Balance store, I’d recommend you check out the 860 for fit, as it’s our best-selling stability shoe.

  132. Hello Nathan. I’m looking for the replacement for w1050 (D). I supinate quite badly and these seem to do the trick. I also suffer a bit from plantar fascitius The 880 are recommended for cushioning what are your thoughts? Thank you in advance.

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Mandy – the 880s are a good option for addressing plantar fasciitis and light supination if you’re a runner. If you’re walking, I’d say a better pick would be the 928s. They have a stiffer rocker sole, which makes the heel-to-toe transition easier and doesn’t stress the bottom of your feet so much. Their built-in graphite rollbar also helps a lot for preventing you from rolling out on the outside of your foot.

      Glad to help :)

  133. nancy says:

    what new balance shoe replaced the new balance 878?

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Nancy – the replacement for the 878 is the 840. The 878 is definitely a few shoes back, but they’re both built on the same SL-2 template so the 840 with have the closest fit and feel.

  134. Nathan says:

    No problem :)

  135. Brian says:

    Is there a shoe that replaced the grade school model KJ741?

  136. Nathan says:

    No prob, glad to help. Should you decide to surprise her and buy them from us online, we’ll include a return ship label in the box in case they don’t fit, so that you can either return or exchange them at no charge.

    • Joanna says:

      Hi Nathan

      I’m currently wearing the mens MR850ST in a US 8.5 2E width. As I haven’t found another shoe that fits me as well with this level of support, please could you advise what the current New Balance version of this shoe is?

      Many thanks


      • Nathan says:

        Hi Jo – the new version of the 850 is the 940 (to match your current shoe: MR940WB, US 8.5 2E); which is also a shoe that puts strong emphasis on pronation support. We do carry the 940 in womens’ 2E as well, so a mens’ 8.5 would work out to a womens’ 10. – Thanks, Nathan

  137. Alex says:

    My wife has a pair of WX677 GP that she loves and would like to buy a replacement pair. I don’t see this number in your list, is there a replacement for this?


    • Nathan says:

      Hi Alex – I’ve checked around, and since the WX677 is a “direct container shipment” shoe, there isn’t much info on it. However, from it’s construction, I’d say that the closest match (cross training category, mesh for breathability) would be the WX797.

  138. Nad says:

    Hi, I was hoping to find out if there is a replacement for the 205’s. They came highly recommended but I can’t seem to find them on any site so I assume they are no longer made.

    • Nathan says:

      Hi – I’ve checked with Boston, and although the RC205s are no longer made, I have found a few remaining in Boston in very small (typically women’s) sizing. They still show availability in B width (narrow) in sizes 4 – 6.5 (equivalent to womens’ 5-8) and D width 4 – 5.5 (womens’ 5-7). If any of those happen to be your size, give us a call ASAP (inventory changes quickly) at 1-888-501-1333 and we’ll see about ordering them.

      The replacement for those flats would be the 1400 racing flat. The 10k racers I talk to really like these for their snug fit and low weight, so that’s where I’d go if (as is most likely) the 205s aren’t your size.

      • Nad says:

        Thanks for the prompt reply! Unfortunately I won’t be able to order the 205’s – I’m a size 10. These racers would be for a full marathon – would the 1400 racers hold up?

        • Nathan says:

          Hi Nad – no problem. I’ve checked with Paul, Delta store manager, who runs races in them, and he says “ask Drew (one of our sponsored athletes); he just won the Surrey Marathon in them.” But straight up, absolutely; they’re a great pick for marathons – they have enough cushioning and durability for the whole 26 and they’re the fave here with our guys who run long distance.

  139. Joan says:

    What New Balance shoe is replacing the 512? The 512 New Balance are slip resistant, great for work! Can’t seem to find them anymore.

  140. Melissa says:

    What replaces the women’s 416 cross trainer? They are the only shoe that has fit my orthodixs over the years and I can’t find them online to even order them or get them from the states anymore.

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Melissa – I’ve checked up on the 416 but there isn’t a direct replacement for them as they’re a “direct container shipment” shoe, built for big box stores. However, I’ve checked with Boston, and I’ve found out that they’re built on the PL-1 shoe last. The most common PL-1 shoe I see people put orthotics in would be the 1080; however, if you’d like to stick closer to the price point of the 416, I’d have a look at the 880, 890, or 1080 v1. Also – more info on picking shoes for orthotics.

  141. i was buying four pairs of 758 womens runners and now i see you do not sell them anymore. I wear an othotic and i liked the 758 as they were light and i power walk 8k a day. what do i buy now.?

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Karen – I’d recommend checking out the 880, either the v1 or the v2. They’re the updates to the 758 / 759, and they’re a great neutral shoe – I’ve tested all our neutral running shoes, and the 880v1s are my favourite for their traditional stack height and level of cushioning.

  142. Spikey says:

    I cant for the life of me find out what these 965 runners are! Anyone know? They clearly arent the walking shoes that any search i try uncovers.

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Spikey,

      I’ve checked with Boston, and the MR965 is no longer made. I’ve done a bit of research and it looks like the MR965 was a *strong* stability shoe, bordering on motion control. If you don’t get the chance to come into a store to check one out, I’d look at the 940 runner, which is also a training runner with aggressive gait correction.

      • Spikey says:

        Thanks for the info, i thought it was along the lines of the 940. What really interested me was the cheap price that i thought was worth a go even if i dont really need the correction. I usually use Asics where its easier to know what each model is.

        • Nathan says:

          Ah, no problem. Yeah, the numbers system annoys a lot of people but it actually makes it pretty easy to pick shoes when you know what you need. In general, shoes ending in 40 = strong stability or motion control, 60 = moderate stability, 70 = mild stability, 80 = neutral trainer, 90 = neutral trainer / race shoe, and 00 = racing flat. The first numbers (like 9 in 940 or 12 in 1260) refer to how technical the shoe is, so a 1080 is going to be a higher end shoe than a 580. NB could probably sell a bit more if they gave their shoes names, but they’re kind of the “anti-marketing” company, and their philosophy is that each shoe is just built for a different foot or purpose. Regarding correction, if you don’t need to correct, I’d stay away from it. If you’ve got a neutral gait, you definitely don’t want to mess with your stride.

          • Ariola says:

            Hi Nathan,
            How does the 870V2 replace the 740, if by your explanation of the last 2 digts they have different stability traits.
            I had my 740 for over a year size 5, got he 870v2 size 5.5 and they barely fit.My toes are sqashed in. Should i go for a 6 or a 7?
            I also have a high arch, sligtly overpronate on my left leg, and that is the leg that continuously gives me problems..
            Thank you

          • Nathan says:

            Hi Ariola – good question – the reason for the discrepancy with the last 2 digits is that New Balance has just recently introduced that numbering system. Previous shoes like the 740 didn’t follow that description, but the 870 is in fact a mild stability model – that’s why I have it listed as the replacement to the 740.

            If your toes are really squashed in to a 5.5, I’d go up to a 6.5. I previously wore 9.5 Ds before I worked at New Balance, and upon being properly sized, I’ve gone to a 10 4E, which has given me enough room. Ultimately, you want to have about a thumb’s width in between your toe and the end of the shoe, particularly if you’re running – feet tend to “squish out” as you land and can really push against the end of the shoe.

            Almost forgot about the shoe recommend: for a wider toebox and slight overpronation, I’d go with a pair of 840s plus some arch support insoles. The 840s (although they end in 40) are a neutral shoe built on the SL-2 last, which has a wider toebox. For slight overpronation in one foot, I wouldn’t worry about going to a stability shoe. They’ve got a pretty flat insole, though, so you’re probably going to want to go with some inserts. They also do fit pretty large so you could probably go with a 5.5 – Thanks, Nathan

  143. Greg says:


    What New Balance shoe replaced the 740

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Greg,

      Now that the 870v2 is out, best bet coming from a 740 would be going with the 870v2. Same fit (PL-1 last), with the very mild amount of gait correction that made the 740 popular.

  144. Stacey says:

    Hi there. i’m still wearing WX520’s which i love. They are a few years old now.
    Any direct replacement ?
    On another note, my husband loved his 608’s however dislikes the feel of the 608 v2’s.

    Unfortuneately we just can’t keep “somethings” the same….

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Stacey – unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s a direct replacement for the WX520s. Since it’s a neutral cross trainer with a leather upper, I’d lean toward the 623. On that topic, your husband might want to try the mens’ 623s as well – it had its roots in the 608s. Also, there’s a 608 v3 out now that your husband might want to try on.

      • Stacey says:

        Thanks Nathan. great info. I was leaning to the 623’s as those appeared to be the closest and will get him to try as well. He found different arch height in the 608 v2 ! so not as comfy for him.

        • Nathan says:

          No prob! :) Always a good idea to drop into one of our stores for a gait analysis; never costs you anything and it’s a great way to figure out what shoe you need.

  145. Tracy says:

    Is there a model replacing the women’s 1442?

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Tracy – the 1442 doesn’t have a direct replacement, but if you like the rocker sole, I’d look towards the 928. Great leather walking shoe with the rocker sole.

  146. Bill says:

    Years ago I bought lots of 831s and 833s. I’ve gone through all of my pairs now and I need replacements. Do you have suggestions for me? Thanks!

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Bill – to replace the 831s and 833s, I’d lean towards the 890s. The 831s and 833s are lightweight neutral training shoes, as are the 890s. A lot of people like the no-sew stitching on the 833s, and the 890s has the same construction, plus flat laces to keep them from irritating the top of your feet. The 890s also come in quite a bit lighter (about 30% lighter) so you might like them even better. – Thanks, Nathan

  147. Patricia says:

    The 1260 is supposed to be the replacement of the 1226, but they are very different shoes. What’s the deal? The do not have the same cushioning for high mileage that the 1226 did.

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Patricia – if the 1260 isn’t working out for you, you might want to try the 1260v2. It’s got more cushioning in it, even in the arch where the medial post is.

  148. m Kavoosi says:

    I wore the new balance 106x line for years and years and especially loved the WR1062. The 1080 is horrible! – high heel, stiff shoe. I have suffered my and first and only running injury after 10+ years of running – and it’s a significant injury. I’ve searched and searched the web for 1062s. I’d buy many pairs if I could find them, but I can’t. Suggestions? I fear I’ll have to switch to another brand.

    • Nathan says:

      Hi – I’ve checked with all of our stores and with Boston, and the 106x line is completely gone other than one lone WR1064CU in an 8 2A. The 1064 line was a very popular line, so I know some people didn’t like to see it go to the 1080. Not sure if you’ve seen the 1080 version 2, which went to a lower stack height (8mm) and the N2 cushioning, making it sit a little lower, but that’s what I would recommend trying out. We do have quite a few options in the womens’ neutral running category; I’d also recommend the 890 if you’re looking for a well-cushioned shoe with a lower heel. Since you’re using them for running, I’d also recommend trying them on at a store with a treadmill – our Langley and Robson locations both have them. Hope this helps. Any questions, please give us a call at 1 888 501-1333. – Thanks, Nathan

  149. Kat Miller says:

    I have the WR759CS but they’re in pretty rough shape. Would you be able to tell me what has replaced them, or if there’s anything similar? Thanks!

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Kat – the 759 was replaced by the 880. Very similar shoe (and it’s the one I use for running too) – neutral, lots of cushioning, good arch support.

  150. What is replacing the Women’s 905s?

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Joanne – the 905 line was discontinued; some people went to the 1190, but I would probably recommend the 860v2. It’s built on the same shoe last (PL-1) so it should feel quite similar, and it’s been the most popular stability runner by far in our store.

  151. d crawford says:

    What shoe has replaced the 540?

    I wear orthotics and the best shoe I have found is the CM540WB, but of course its gone and I need to replace them.

    On that topic, why do you change models constantly? It makes it very hard for your customers!


    • Nathan says:

      Hi Mr. Crawford – I’ve checked with Boston, and it doesn’t look like the 540 has a direct replacement. Generally, as a New Balance concept store, we don’t carry the “order by container” shoes that stores like Sears would have, and the usually don’t have direct replacements. The shoe that I’d recommend for orthotics, because it has a deeper and wider toebox, would be the 840 shoe. It’s one that a lot of podiatrists recommend for wearing with orthotics because it’s a neutral shoe that accommodates orthotics easily due to its interior dimensions.

      Regarding New Balance changing numbers regularly, it frustrates us too – people do come back a lot looking for the same shoe and don’t like it when the number changes. As an independently owned franchise retail store there’s not much we can do about it but we’ll definitely pass on your feedback to corporate. – Thanks, Nathan

  152. valerie tan says:

    What shoe replaced the RT1100? Thanks

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Valerie – looks like the RT1100 is an Asia-specific shoe that we didn’t get here in Canada. From the specs I can find about it online, I would say that the closest match would be the New Balance 1400. Both are lightweight, low stack height running shoes, built on a “performance fit” shoe last. – Thanks, Nathan

  153. Delores says:

    Can you tell me what replaces the 888 shoe? Thank you

  154. Nora says:

    Hi Nathan,
    I have a pair of ww926 and I wear orthotics with them. The leather has pulled away on the forefoot on the front inside from the sole.I need a new pair but wanted to check with you if this is the best choice for me. I have dropped metatarsals and Morton’s neuroma on the ball of my foot.I like the deeper toe box as well as a leather shoe.My orthotics are the flexible soft type.Any suggestions?Thanks.

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Nora,

      Given complications with Morton’s neuroma and dropped metatarsals, I actually would have recommended the 926 line even if you weren’t already wearing them. The SL-2 last makes it a great shoe to put orthotics in (deeper toebox as you mentioned), and the rocker sole really helps your stride given your metatarsals. This year they’re called the 928, but the fit should feel pretty familiar to you.

      If you’re not sure about the fit, I’d suggest you get them here or at another New Balance concept store as we tend to have pretty easy return policies. Please feel free to call us at 1 888-501-1333 if you’ve got any more questions.

      Thanks, Nathan

      • Nora says:

        Just checking regarding the 927 on sale and the 928 at full price…any differences?Also wondering about ordering 2 pairs 1/2 size different and returning the ones that are not the best fit?

        • Nathan says:

          Hi Nora,

          Any of the feedback I’ve heard from people going from the 927 to the 928 is that the fit is pretty similar, so I would say the benefit of the 928 comes down to looks (cleaner lines, bigger N, sleeker looking midsole). Order 2 pairs a half size different is totally no problem by us; we’ll pay the return shipping on the pair that you send back.

          Thanks, Nathan

  155. Kathy says:

    I have a pair of NB WX608W that I would like to replace. THe WX623WB just doesn’t quite feel the same. Should I just stick with the 608v3?

  156. Daniel Holm says:


    I have a pair of NB 758 SR which I bought back in 2009. Great shows but they have broken now. Are they replaced or can I Findus exactly the same in retail stores in Stockholm, Sweden or at a webshop?

    Best regards,

    Daniel Holm

  157. Joe says:

    Loved the 806 trail shoe so much many years ago that I bought more pairs than I am willing to admit. The last pair is now down to its last miles. Looks like the 810 the most likely replacement candidate? Any concerns about that as a replacement Any other suggestions that I should consider?

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Joe – you’re correct; the 810 is the replacement for the 806. You may find the forefoot a bit snugger since the newer models are built on the PL-1 performance last (rather than the wider-forefoot SL-1) last. If you’re concerned about fit, I would pick up a pair from us or from another New Balance concept store with the Total Fit guarantee, so you really get to try them out and make sure they work for you.

  158. Shez says:

    Please can you tell me what replaced the running 660. Can’t find it anywhere on the web but I am thinking of moving to to the 860

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Shez – The 860 is a good pick. The 660 is one of those shoes that we don’t really carry in our stores because it’s more of a “department store” shoe; it also doesn’t have a direct replacement. If you’re looking for a well-priced stability shoe, the 860v1 is a good pick if we have it in your size (they’re all on sale). However if you’re looking for a more exact match for fit, I’d look toward another stability shoe in the SL-1 (more relaxed) last – either the 940 or the 990.

  159. Andrea says:

    Can you tell me what shoe replaces womens 427? Thanks

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Andrea – I’ve checked with Boston on the 427, and because it’s a “sold-by-the-container” running shoe, it doesn’t have a direct replacement. However, from looking at the design of the shoe, they look like a neutral runner. I’d go towards something like a 580, 690, 790, 890, or any neutral runner.

  160. Bev says:

    Hello, can you please tell me which shoe replaced the WW1100? I still absolutely love them, and before they’re too worn I would love to get more. Thanks for your help!

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Bev – I’ve checked with Boston, and it looks like there one or two WW1100s in select sizing kicking around in various colours – 6, 7, 8, 9.5, 10.5, and 11 in regular width, and 5, 6, 7, and 7.5 in wide. A similar balance board style with a bit more availability would be the WW1442 – please give us a call at 1-888-501-1333 if you’d like to order either of those. Not to rush you, but I’d recommend you order sooner than later on any of those, as there isn’t much left. The TrueBalance line has been discontinued, and I would say the closest thing (because of its rocker sole) would be the New Balance 928. Again, any questions at all, give us a call and we’d be glad to help. – Thanks, Nathan

  161. Alex Lau says:

    Which model replaces the NB 740 ?

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Alex – the 740 is a stability runner built on the performance (PL-1) last. It doesn’t have a direct replacement; however, I would recommend trying the New Balance 860 as a substitute. The 860 is a stability shoe built on the same PL-1 last, so it should feel and perform like the 740.

  162. kerry says:

    What is the replacement for the WR740BS

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Kerry – the 740 is a stability runner built on the performance (PL-1) last. It doesn’t have a direct replacement; however, I would recommend trying the New Balance 860 as a substitute. The 860 is a stability shoe built on the same PL-1 last, so it should feel and perform like the 740.

  163. Diane says:

    I love my 760WW. They are very light and “almost walk for me.” I managed to find one pair here in Canada which are now very near the end of their life. I located one pair in Phoenix which I bought and after that pair I don’t know what I will do. Which new model is updating the 760? So far I have tried on a few but none have been a true walker like the 760WW.

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Diane – the 760 was originally made in 2 versions, the walking (WW760) and the running (WR760). The update, the 860, all has the same code – the W860. Generally, for walking, a running shoe will do the job quite well, as they’re built to take the force of 2-3x your body weight as you land, so they’re extra cushioned. If you’d like, you could order an 860 in the version 1 ( if it’s available in your size) and one in the version 2 (; that way you can try both and keep the pair that works for you. – Thanks, Nathan

  164. Paul Bullock says:

    Hello, what shoe replaced the 909 trail shoe. It was the perfect shoe for me. If there isn’t a direct replacement for it what would you recommend. I have a very high arch and instep with a very wide forefoot.


    • Nathan says:

      Hi Paul – to be honest, I’m kind of surprised that the 909 worked for you, since generally you’re better off with a neutral cushioning runner when you have a high arch. That said, some people like the supportive feeling of a stability shoe against their arch, and what works, works, so why not stick with it. Unfortunately, the 909 was the end of its line, and there is no longer a trail runner available with the wide-forefoot SL-1 last.

      Since you’re looking at the stability category (and particularly the Trail Running category), I’d lean toward the 1110. It’s got the stability medial post inside it so your arch really feels that support. I’d try a slightly wider width than you normally go with, though, to give your forefoot more room.

      However, if you decide to go in a completely different direction – ie regular street runners – I’d probably go with an 840 runner and an insole that molds to your feet, like the Sole brand. The 840 has a nice wide forefoot, and plenty of room for an insole. It takes a while to wear in an aftermarket insole, but once you do, your arches have the cushioning they crave, and you’ll probably find your running gait is better with a neutral shoe (vs than with a stability shoe).

  165. Jean says:

    Can you please tell me what replaces the WL493WF?

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Jean,

      Because the 493 is a “lifestyle” shoe (rather than a shoe in say, the walking category), it doesn’t have a direct replacement. However, there is a shoe that would be a close match for it in design and purpose – the 846. Fortunately, it also just went on sale yesterday.

  166. Sophia Djung says:

    Hello! Denmark is calling;-) what is the replacement for NR 1223 SR?

    Thank YOU!

  167. Marion says:

    I do not see the WX602 in the list. Could you tell me which number replaces the WX602.

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Marion – the 602 was replaced by the 622, which was then replaced by the 623 and then 624. Good catch – I’ll add that to the list. Thanks.

  168. Pond Runner says:

    What shoe replaced NB890? or Why is it not in chart above?

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Pond Runner – the 890v2 replaced the 890v1. I had left it off because they have the same name, but since people are looking for it, I’ll add it back in.

      • Pond Runner says:

        If its a new shoe, that makes sense – I was looking more for a family tree (its parents lol). I currently have NB758 and was wondering how the 890 compares to that shoe.

        • Nathan says:

          Ah – I see. The 758 is in the 880 lineup, which is neutral cushioning. The 890 will be pretty similar (one of around 4 neutral running shoes in the same category), except it will be more minimalist / lightweight than the 758. If you want to keep the cushioning, go 880; if you want to go a bit lower weight, go 890.

          • Hey Jose says:

            I see that the 880 line is for runners wanting a neutral cushioning shoe? What is the difference between that shoe and the 840 running shoe? Thanks.

          • Nathan says:

            Hi Jose – you’re right, the 880 and 840 are both neutral shoes. The big difference in them is the midsole – the 840 has a flatter bottom and accommodates people who have flat feet. The 880, out of all of our neutral shoes, has the most arch support. The 840 has a bit of a looser fit to it, making it a popular shoe for people who walk in their runners or need to fit orthotics in a shoe.

            If you’re not sure about whether you have a high or a flat arch, I’d check out this article on How to Choose Shoes. Any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to phone, email, comment, drop in, Facebook, Twitter, you name it. – Thanks, Nathan

        • Pat moody says:

          the new balance 890 is an awesome shoe. I have four colors and love them all.

          • Sabrina says:

            Hi Pat,

            Thank you for the good feedback! We are happy you have found a shoe that works well for you. We share your love for the 890’s!


  169. Jane says:

    What shoe replaced the 850?

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