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Total Fit Guarantee

Our Total Fit Guarantee:

Finding the right fit online can be a daunting task when clothing always fits slightly different. At we have the Total Fit Guarantee to ensure your fit is as painless as possible. Save on outrageous gas prices by buying online with Free Shipping, and if it doesn't fit, don't worry! We'll pay for the return and work with you to find the perfect fit!

    Dress / Casual Shoes

    Need to look your best without taking it out on your back? Have a look at New Balance's Dunham line, specifically designed for those who need to wear business casual shoes at work but enjoy a certain level of comfort. Incorporating New Balance's high-end cushioning features, like Abzorb, these shoes are also easy on the eyes.
    • Dunham Windsor

      Dunham Windsor

    • Dunham Winchester

      Dunham Winchester



    • Dunham St. Johnsbury

      Dunham St. Johnsbury

    • Dunham Ronald

      Dunham Ronald

    • Dunham Ridley

      Dunham Ridley

    • Dunham Ridgecrest

      Dunham Ridgecrest



    • Dunham Prospect

      Dunham Prospect

    • Dunham Piedmont

      Dunham Piedmont

    • Dunham Nathan

      Dunham Nathan

    • Dunham Monterey

      Dunham Monterey

    • Dunham Mitchell

      Dunham Mitchell



    • Dunham Highland

      Dunham Highland

    • Dunham Henderson

      Dunham Henderson



    • Dunham Hamilton

      Dunham Hamilton

    • Dunham Douglas

      Dunham Douglas

    • Dunham Crusade

      Dunham Crusade

    • Dunham Chase

      Dunham Chase

    • Dunham Chace

      Dunham Chace

    • Dunham Captain

      Dunham Captain

    • Dunham Candor

      Dunham Candor

    • Dunham Camden

      Dunham Camden

    • Dunham Burlington

      Dunham Burlington

    • Dunham Brookfield

      Dunham Brookfield

    • Dunham Blair

      Dunham Blair

    • Dunham Belmont

      Dunham Belmont

    • Dunham Alec

      Dunham Alec